Event Marketing: learn how to connect with your audience

how to make social media, branding, and sponsorship work for your event or festival | taught by Jarno Stegeman
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Course description

In the early 2000s I was involved in organising a brand new music festival. Brainstorm sessions, great ideas, the correct permits, acts booked... we were ready. But who were we organising this event for? We didn't have a clear answer to this question and as a result we struggled to find the correct market. I wish I knew back then what I know now.

This workshop will help you to identify the purpose of your event and, by doing so, figure out who your audience actually is.

What to expect in this workshop

The main subjects that are covered in Event Marketing are:

  • Event marketing principles
  • Your audience, your visitors, your fans
  • Social media strategies for your event
  • Turning your festival into a brand
  • The added value of sponsorship for your event

This 2 hour workshop offers you lectures, exercises and quizzes. In addition I have interviewed experts from the event and festival industry. The following experts share their valuable advice with you:

  • Britz Robins, Shambhala Music Festival
  • Steven Haines, Stern Grove Festival
  • George Ridgely, San Francisco Pride
  • Tucker Gumber, The Festival Guy

In addition to the course material I have also included Social Media For Events (PDF document) that will give you a good overview of what each social media platform can offer.

This workshop is for you!

The workshop Event Marketing is for you if you are working in the event and festival industry. If you want to know more about event sponsorship, festival branding, and making social media work for your event than this workshop is a must!

Aspiring festival producers should also sign up for this workshop as it will give you a fantastic overview of what event marketing entails.

After finishing this workshop you will have a better understanding of event marketing, sponsorship deals, branding your festival and social media marketing.

What fellow students say

"Jarno was a great university lecturer. Always interested how he could help push students aspirations.
During my 3 years at university Jarno (although not my lecturer later on) was a great help in my pursuit to fulfil my full potential."

Alina, Marketing Specialist

"Working with Jarno was a great experience. He has a genuine passion for the event industry which keeps you motivated to learn, and he does it all with a smile on his face!" Adam, Community Outreach Team


1. Can I contact you if I have a question about the course content?

A. Absolutely! That's what a tutor is for. You can contact me via Jarno@eventtutor.com. My aim is to respond to your email as quick as possible.

2. Is the Event Marketing workshop only useful if I want to plan a festival?

A. It is useful if you want to plan any type of event. The workshop covers a wide variety of subjects and will benefit any event planner.

3. I've seen other online courses that are more expensive. Why is this course so cheap?

A. I want to make sure the course is accessible to those who dream about organising their first event. I want to teach them what event marketing entails. I do not want my students to be out of pocket.

How much is the workshop?

This workshop is FREE. Yeah, you read that right...free. I will be tutoring you PLUS interviews with event industry EXPERTS. Good things can be free.

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  • Event Safety
  • Sustainable Event Management
  • Gay Wedding Planning

What are you waiting for?

Sign up today and you will learn how to plan, organise, and produce a successful event. Remember, it's FREE!

Welcome to The Event Tutor.

Jarno Stegeman
Jarno Stegeman
The Event Tutor

My name is Jarno Stegeman and I’m your Event Tutor. My career has spanned for over 15 years and has always been a combination of events and education. I have organised large scale festivals and live events, planned a wedding, and worked as a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education.

The Event Tutor

In February 2015 I started my own company providing online workshops in event planning. Almost 600 students from all over the world have signed up so far. I have developed and produced five workshops to date. My first e-book called Event Management: Your Environmental Plan got published in April 2015. I have also written e-books on Event Planning: Research at Music Festivals in North America and on Wedding Planning. I have created and delivered a one-day workshop in Sustainable Event Management in the Netherlands in 2016.

American Music Festivals Research

In 2015 I researched the sustainable initiatives at the festivals Lightning in a Bottle and Bonnaroo Music Festival. The aim of the study was to find out what audiences make of a festival’s sustainable initiatives. Over 400 festival fans participated in this study.

A Greener Festival

This not-for-profit organisation audited 50 music festivals world wide in 2014. I manage the award scheme in America and Canada, which includes auditing sustainable event management policies of festivals such as Bonnaroo, Beloved, Calgary Folk, and Northern Nights Music Festival. This involved training volunteers, administration, and auditing. This year we are auditing 3 festivals in America.

Dutch Kingsday Festival San Francisco

I have co-produced the annual family festival for the Dutch community in the Bay Area. I have introduced solar panel generators to the event to make the event more sustainable.

PechaKucha San Francisco

As part of a team I produced and promoted the events. We have worked with companies such as Eventbrite, and Airbnb.

San Francisco LGBT Pride

In 2013 I was responsible for the production of several events leading up to Pride weekend. In 2014 I supervised an economic impact study on behalf of Pride and the city of San Francisco. In 2015 I developed a demographic research survey.

Buckinghamshire New University

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of Music & Live Events Management. Developed the curriculum, course content and learning assessments for the event management course. Lectured Event Management, Sustainable Event Management, Event Business Strategy, and Business Economics and I supervised student dissertations. I instigated the set up of a student led festival called Bucks Live. Developed, created and delivered course content for the Event Management course at Post Graduate level on the MA Music Management.

International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies

Conducting research in the field of health and safety, welfare, and sustainable development at music events and festivals. My research at Exit festival in Serbia got published in the book “Case Studies in Crowd management, Security and Business Continuity”.

CliniClowns Netherlands: Safety Consultant

Created and developed a health and safety plan for their theatre tour aimed at Severe Multiple Handicapped children and their carers.

Entertainment Research Centre

Managed the Centre and developed new marketing strategies and more beneficial sponsoring-concepts for event agencies. Clients included SAIL Amsterdam, City of Velsen, and the city of Haarlem.

Contact information

For more information please visit my website www.eventtutor.com

Facebook: The Event Tutor

Twitter: @EventTutor

LinkedIn: Jarno Stegeman

You can always contact me via:

Email: Jarno@EventTutor.com

Twitter: @EventTutor

Facebook: EventTutor

For more information please visit my website www.eventtutor.com

Course Curriculum

Make It Work For Your Event
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